Play till Drop at Stockholm Kulturhuset

Sweden has never ending list of places for families and children to visit. Moreover, you can’t really geat bored easily from one as most of these places keeps creating new attraction for the children. One of the place we keep visiting in Stockholm is the Kulturhuset located in the centrum right in front of Sergeltorg. In the house there are a lot of attraction for every group of age of people. Yet we always chose to visit the ‘rum för barn’ since it’s our son most most favourite spot.


First getting to the building you’ll find it wonderful already. The house provides cozy baby stroller parking place in the lower ground floor which is already an eye calmer for parents where we can put strollers and other heavy, non-luxury, stuffs safely.
This smart parking lots really remind me of Pulogadung bus central station back in Jakarta. At the 4th floor where the children space is allocated we need not to worry about finding place to eat. We always bring our lunch box and can eat anytime comfortably.


Biblioteek, or library, section is our favourite. We can find all the quality books for children to read and simple toys to play together. The architecture of the library is designed so that children can play hide an seek as well as running from corner to another end of the library cheerfully.


It sometimes has particular display with various themes as well. Especially today, there was an exhibition of children aged 8 to 30 years old collaborating for some artistic project for decorating daily utensils where we stopped by and enjoy some bright colours that our son feel happy about.


While in another floor this weekend they have an international puppet show “Marionette” which is also featuring “Wayang”, wooden made traditional puppet from Indonesia!!!



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