Fattah, Research Project and Kulon Progo

Hej, Fattah!

Weet je wel..

11 years back, your Great Grandpa once promised your Dad (me) he will be speaking Dutch with me suppose I’d have returned from my AFS exchange year in the Netherlands.

Yet, he didn’t make it. He passed away just in the fifth week of my stay in the Netherlands. A week after I decided to write him my very first postcard in Dutch. A week before the postcard arrived at his address in Yogyakarta. My very first Dutch postcard never got read by him.

These few months, hired by an MIT-based and Australian funded organizations, I have been working on field in Kulon Progo Dstrict, particularly between Wates and Girimulyo (both are sub-district), helping the Regent to introduce public health policy initiative.

Weet je wel.. Wates and Girimulyo are the only two places that associated to your Great Grandpa in the only article mentions your Great Grandpa’s name you can find with Google. Inderdaad (indeed), he was a Wedhana at Wates and a coordinator for Amateur Radio in Girimulyo.

Fattah, God is Great, today you are learning Dutch as your second or third language while accompanying Mamma studying in Leiden and Den Haag. I can’t wait to have our other Dutch conversation in weeks ahead. Conversations that I never managed to have with your Great Grandpa.

Thank you for being such a great Son. Cheering our life while connecting the dots throughout this journey, including those dotes that I missed. I love you Son, so much.

Yogya, 16 April 2016

Jouw missen vader


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