Today, Mamma Reaching The Top of The Great Wall of China

Hej Fattah,

Today would be among the most historical day of our life. Mamma has reached the highest attainable point of China Great Wall. Not just as a leisure walk, as she insisted to take this walk and turned out she was the only one among her group who manage to get to the top, I would consider this as a monumental walk for us. The fact that you’re born to such a great Mamma, you can be anybody you want to be as long as you fight for. Just like Mamma has shown us.

To reach this top, it did not just took her intelligence through winning an essay competition that granted her a trip to China as the award from its government, but long before that she had invested all her courage in being a great Mamma for us. All the way from being underpaid English teacher and public health research assistant in Yogya while you were in her womb at the same time I attempted my MD, working as unpaid intern in Stockholm while she supported me obtaining a master degree and eventually she could continue her academic development and performs prominently as a student with scholarship at Leiden University.

Today, through her walk to the top of Great Wall of China, Mamma has demonstrated the power of perseverance to us intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Congratulation Mamma, tanti baci per te. Vi vogliamo bene sempre e per sempere.


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